We’re MyRewards International Ltd., Australia’s leading provider of employee and consumer engagement programs for medium sized companies. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years, creating customised solutions to help businesses build insanely engaging, enduring, and meaningful relationships with customers and employees — all the while helping to create new ones. They’re relationships founded on trust, mutual respect, and, of course, incredible incentives.

That’s why we’re the industry leader of loyalty programs, connecting more than 3 million members with over 4,500 suppliers so they can snag amazing deals and free perks on products, services and experiences. We enhance the vitality of brand by enhancing the quality of life of those who engage with it.

How We Work

We’ve built a business on being able to incentivise people — and with 120+ business clients and 3+ million members, we’re pretty sure we’re doing an awesome job. We know no two companies are exactly alike. Likewise, no two people are exactly alike. That’s why our engagement and loyalty management platform is integrated, incorporating 7 distinct modules which can be partially or fully customised to fall in-line with a business’ objectives and requirements, as well as who the company is aiming to engage.

Why We Work

We lead by example. Just like our program encourages strong relationships through appreciation and trust, we build relationships with our clients on the same principles. We’re there with our clients every step of the way, from program inception to creation and implementation. With MyRewards, businesses get an enterprise level loyalty and engagement program at a fraction of the cost.

Start making the meaningful, informed and enduring connections that turn brand like into brand love. See these perks at work with MyRewards.