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Increase employee engagement and retention with AtWork.

The office of today has changed dramatically. A tight employment market means employees expect more – flexible work arrangements, higher pay, more recognition. Making them feel valued requires new, creative ideas. One way to do that is through a rewards program. If you’re looking for a rewards and recognition program for your organisation, look no further than AtWork.

AtWork is our fully customisable solution designed specifically to help businesses build better relationships with their employees. The right employee recognition program can help you:

By providing your workforce with tangible, easy to obtain perks they can use in their life outside of the office, our platform incentivises your employees to work better for longer.

Our employee engagement and retention programs can be broken down into 3 flexible modules:

The benefits of Employee Engagement and Retention Programs


of employees wish they would receive more recognition”

O.C.Tanner, 2020

Show recognition for your employees’ hard work and dedication

Our recognition module can act as a formal tool for your employees to give and receive recognition. It can easily integrate with the processes you already follow or be used to implement an entirely new system if needed.

Your staff will be empowered to show peer-to-peer recognition and manager-to-peer recognition via customisable e-cards. Share feedback when an employee has gone above and beyond to exemplify your company’s values and maybe add an extra reward at the same time!

Recognition can also be shared publicly to a notification wall to foster a positive and encouraging work environment.

“Peer-to-peer recognition increases the odds an employee will be highly engaged by


O.C.Tanner, 2020

Tailor how your team can engage with the platform

Part of our customisability includes being able to choose how your employees will earn and redeem points. Whether they receive a set number of points on their birthday or a work anniversary, or because a co-worker has shared an e-card to celebrate a great achievement – it’s up to you!

You’re also able to decide whether purchases can be made just with the points they earn or in conjunction with their own money.


of employees believe a comprehensive benefits package is a must have”

O.C.Tanner, 2020

Provide benefits your employees will make the most of

We have access to cashback, discounts, and unique deals from thousands of local, national, and international retailers. You can choose which brands will feature on your rewards platform, add in your own partnerships, or get our help with obtaining a special deal from your preferred providers.

With our Pay My Way Program, your staff can collect points towards saving on everyday life, such as bills or saving goals.

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