Statement of Notification & Support information

On 28th July 2023, we were made aware of a data breach impacting the My Rewards platform which occurred in 2022 and that has unfortunately resulted in the unauthorised access to, and disclosure of your personal information.

If you were an active user of the My Rewards Platform between 1 Jan 2020 and 31 May 2020 your data may have been impacted.

The personal information that has been exposed as a result of this incident is a combination of your name and email address, date of birth, mobile number, postal address and, some clear text & hashed passwords to the application (not banking or financial application).

No financial information, banking information or credit card information has been compromised or revealed.

While our investigation is not yet complete, we wanted you to be aware of what has happened so that you can be extra vigilant at this time.

We would particularly like to encourage you to be more cautious about your account and consider taking steps to protect yourself online, including:

    • Looking out for contact from scammers who may have your personal information. This may include suspicious emails, texts, phone calls or text messages. Do not click on any links or open any attachments that are from an unknow sender.
    • Ensuring your passwords are strong. Do not use passwords that can be guessed easily such as your name or phrase. Always use complex passwords with a combination of letters and numbers.
    • Not using use the same password across multiple websites.
    • Changing passwords to any websites or applications that may use a simple or repeated password.

We are working with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and other relevant authorities to minimise potential harm arising from this unfortunate incident.

We are extremely disappointed that this incident has occurred and sincerely apologise for any concern that this issue may cause you.

If you require additional information or support, please contact us at