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We are here to help your business thrive.

My Rewards has been in the business of providing customised solutions for employee and consumer rewards for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on helping businesses build engaging, enduring, and meaningful relationships with customers and employees. By connecting more than 5.8 million members with thousands of suppliers, we help businesses get amazing deals and great perks on products, services, and experiences.
You are not simply a number on a spreadsheet to us. We believe in building strong and enduring relationships with our clients so we truly understand your business and your needs. We are there every step of the way, from program inception to creation, implementation to maintenance.

Maitreyee Khire

Managing Director

Maitreyee Khire is a dedicated pillar of My Rewards for over a decade, who has donned many hats during her tenure. Her extensive experience encompasses a holistic understanding of our organization, having adeptly managed sales, key account relationships, finance, IT, operations, and the customer experience.

Her multifaceted expertise is a testament to her deep-seated knowledge of My Rewards, making her an invaluable asset and a trusted source of guidance for our team.

Michael Finn

Partnerships Director

Michael is entrusted with fostering and nurturing key strategic relationships at My Rewards. With an unwavering commitment to cultivating partnerships that drive our business forward, he plays a pivotal role in expanding our network and creating collaborative opportunities.

His expertise and vision are instrumental in shaping the future of My Rewards, ensuring enduring and mutually beneficial alliances that enchance our mission and customer experiences.

Pialyn Selosa

Team Leader & Product Manager

Pia has a cornerstone of our My Rewards team since 2021. With her unwavering dedication, she takes the helm in leading the team, ensuring seamless day-to-day operations, efficient order fulfillment and meticulous management of client reports.

Her dedication to her work is driven by the fullfillment she finds in being part of our dynamic team, where mutual support and collaboration are the cornerstones of our success.

Eva Krissele Del Moral

Graphic Designer

Krissele is a valued member of our design team who joined My Rewards team in 2021. Her role involves crafting captivating proposals, marketing assets, product images, posters, and product banners that reflect our brand’s visual identity.

Her creative touch extends to producing regular EDMs that delight My Rewards clients. Krissele’s passion for continuous learning and exploration within the design world enriches her role and enables her to channel her visual skills effectively, enhancing our visual presence and customer engagement.

Anna Camille Morte

Marketing coordinator & Product Administrator

Anna joined My Rewards in January 2023. She plays a pivotal role in shaping our product offerings, devising innovative marketing strategies, curating engaging newsletters, ensuring up-to-date website content, and maintaining an active social media presence.

Her close collaboration with the design team ensures our brand’s visual appeal, while her strong client and partner supplier relationships are instrumental in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Anna is at the heart of our dynamic team, enhancing customer loyalty and driving success.

Karen Lacsamana

Client Support Specialist

Karen is an invaluable member of our team, specializing in email and chat support while efficiently managing administrative tasks. Her unwavering patience and resolute approach to her responsibilities make her a cornerstone of our team.

She embraces challenges head-on, seeking continuous learning and readily seeking assistance when needed to expand her knowledge and skills, ensuring our customers and team receive the best possible support.

Dess Mangilit

Client Support Specialist

Dess is one of our dedicated team member since September 2023. She takes on a critical role in providing top-notch email support for our valued members, ensuring their needs are met promptly and efficiently. Her responsibilities also extend to essential administrative tasks and responsibilities, contributing to the smooth operation of our services.

Dess’s enthusiasm for continual growth is evident in her commitment to learning and adapting daily. With her exceptional teamwork and rapid adaptability, Dess embodies the spirit of our dynamic and customer focused team.

Archie Alos

Client Support Specialist

Archie is one of our exceptional Client Support Specialist. With a keen understanding of customer needs, she is the go-to expert for voice email and chat support. Backed by a wealth of experience, she navigates swiftly through enquiries, ensuring each interaction is seamless and satisfying.

Archie’s savvy approach and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to our support team, embodying our dedication to providing top-notch service.

Graziele Lazarte

Client Support Specialist

Graziele is one of our dedicated Client Support Specialists with a passion for excellence. She excels in handling voice, email and chat support, drawing from a solid background and valuable experience in the field. As a true team player, she collaborates seamlessly to ensure a unified and efficient support system.

Graziele’s commitment to delivering top-notch service makes her an integral part of our client support team, embodying our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Feds Pradilla

Partners Administrative Specialist

Feds is our dedicated team team member responsible for efficiently managing tasks and responsibilities for a designated partner, ensuring that they receive the support they need to excel. Feds also plays a vital role in assisting with various administrative tasks, contributing to the smooth operation of our team and services.

Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to her role are pivotal in enhancing our productivity and enabling our partners to thrive.

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