What Customers Want From a Loyalty Program

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25 October 2022

Today, almost every brand offers some kind of loyalty program, making it crucial to understand what customers are really looking for to stand out from the competition. By offering a program that customers love, you can build a loyal base and encourage repeat purchases.

Let’s dive-in and take a look at what customers typically expect from a loyalty program:

A brand that cares

Loyalty programs can’t be treated as “set and forget” tactics to increase loyalty. In fact, a study by Wunderman found 79% of shoppers only buy from brands that show they care for them, and a huge 89% said that they are loyal to brands that share their values. This means creating an experience that connects. This could be something like a discount or gift on a customer’s birthday or anniversary.

Rewards that are exclusive

People join loyalty programs for exclusivity. This doesn’t mean simply deals and discounts, but could also be finding out about new products before anyone else, invites to special events, or even tiered memberships. This sense of exclusivity encourages further loyalty and further spending!

Instant, valuable benefits

While points systems can work very well, a lot of shoppers want something right now, or want their points to equal something worth the wait. One study found 79% of shoppers don’t want to accumulate points anymore. So, the importance is on what you can offer now, or what you can offer that is valuable enough to take the time to earn. For most loyalty programs, a combination of the two is best – think a discount or free item after signing up, and something bigger in exchange for points.

An easy experience

We live in a world where convenience is paramount and a system that isn’t easy and intuitive is likely to miss out! Your loyalty program should be attractive and easy to use wherever your customers are. These days, most expect an online presence and some want to be able to use an app, rather than a physical card. This should be an extension of your brand, to ensure consistency and happy customers.

Loyalty programs can be powerful tools to get repeat purchases and keep a customer for life – if you do it right. Keep these tips in mind when setting up your program.