Customers for Life

My Rewards helps Customers For Life give dealerships the tools to create customer loyalty, encourage repeat business, and offer more for car owners.

Customers For Life is part of the MotorOne Group of companies. They have been innovators in customer loyalty, retention, and referral programs for over 20 years, providing products and services for motor car dealers that help encourage repeat business through unique offerings. My Rewards helps round out this offering with our wide array of deals.

Loyalty Program Highlights

The Nitty Gritty

“We know the referral program works. … The backend of the program for us is seamless”

Brad Murphy, General Manager of Customers for Life

The challenge

Customers For Life aims to give dealerships an offering that provides the end user with something a bit different as a car owner. On top of being able to book services, see trade-in options, and the latest models, Customers For Life also wanted to include deals and discounts as part of their offering to help dealerships increase retention and loyalty among their customers.

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