Modular rewards and engagement technology

Our proprietary integrated platform for data management and custom content delivery offers member and client access to a spectrum of services and benefits. Members access through web and app to thousands of benefits and custom curated content.
Client’s admin access, self service engagement tools, content management, all with analytics and reporting.

Easy configuration

 Customise your own Reward benefits platform to gain more visibility from your employees to better amplify and deliver important company updates, employee benefit announcements or other communications quickly and easily.

Configuration Set Up

Branded Templates

Customised App Site

Insights & Analytics

End-to-end customisation
for your brand, website,
app and your people

A centralised hub combining
rewards, offers and showcase
your company information

Purpose-built technology
to drive repeat visits from
your members

5000 Suppliers and Partners

Engagement Tools

Live communications
within platform built for
your people


Communicate with members using our
segmented app based notification tools.
Add personalised content, and rewards
to engage with your members.

Email marketing 

Send tailored meaningful content via email to various segments of members. Amplify your communications, making it easy to promote what is important to your organisation.


Advertise on our websites
with banner advertising
and content advertising solutions.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs or just book a demo to see what we have