Technology-driven rewards and loyalty programs tailored to your business needs

At My Rewards, we understand that every business is unique, and one size does not fit all. That’s why every program we deliver is customised to be fit for purpose.

My Rewards helps businesses reward, recognise, and engage their employees, create customer loyalty and engagement for business, offer rewards and benefits for club and organisation members, and advertise your brand to our engaged community.

As a global organisation, we work with businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines, and are continuously expanding our offers to new locations.

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We provide customised solutions for

Employee engagement & recognition programs

Attract and retain staff by building better relationships and making your employees feel valued

reward your employees

Customer loyalty & retention programs

Build brand loyalty and increase ATV (Average Transaction Value)

REWARD YOUR customers

Member loyalty & rewards programs

Reward members of your club or association for their loyalty

Reward your Members

Rewards based advertising

Partner with My Rewards to get your business
seen by up to 5.8 million members


Why My Rewards is the provider of choice

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Potential savings for members

By using My Rewards, families can save up to $5,434 per year without changing their shopping habits. Explore potential cost savings below.

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