AtWork is a product of MyRewards International Ltd — Australia’s leading provider of employee and consumer engagement programs. Cultivating brand loyalty is our life. We’ve been doing it for over two decades, creating customised solutions to help businesses build insanely engaging, enduring, and meaningful relationships with both customers and employees — all the while helping to create new ones. They’re relationships founded on trust, mutual respect, and, of course, incredible incentives. After all, what is a mutually beneficial relationship if not one where everyone gets exactly what they want?


Why you should consider offering employee benefits?


Recruit/attract good
employees with great
benefits packages


Retain employees
and reduce turnover


happiness and
= increased productivity


of employees say customised benefits would increase their loyalty to employers.

Good help is hard to find and even harder to keep. Significantly increase your employee motivation and retention with AtWork: the industry leading employee engagement platform.

We all want to be appreciated. A paycheque isn’t always enough to make your top talent stick around — and it won’t always be enough to attract new talent. With job hopping on the rise, what keeps employees more rooted are jobs that can increase their quality of life.

People aren’t looking to survive: they want to thrive. AtWork provides perks that transcend the workplace, offering sweet deals from over 4,500 of the world’s best products and services that they use every single day.

Your employees are the backbone of your business, and if they’re not happy, the vitality of your entire business will suffer. By providing your workforce with really tangible, really easy to obtain and really amazing perks for their real lives, AtWork incentivises your employees to work better for longer.


Engagement Right

Smart organisations realised the importance of employee engagement, and look for opportunities both inside and outside of work to increase employee engagement, leading too:

Staff Retention


Profit Margins


A solution your employees regularly benefit from

Atwork delivers a tailored and customised employee benefits program including employee engagement tools, live and integrated across a supplier network with over 5,000 suppliers to create any combination of rewards and benefits your staff will love and use regularly.

The program along with our Reward benefits platform provides everything you need including:

A branded website and app
with employee benefits
from over 5000 suppliers.

A communication channel
to amplify your internal
marketing efforts.

The ability to add your
own rewards from existing
staff loyalty programs.

Employee Savings

Online Shopping

Up to 80% off leading retailers with more than 50 outlets to choose from.


5% off Coles, Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, BWS and Caltex.

Dining Out

25% off and 2-for-1 offers at a growing number of cafes, restaurants and pubs.


Up to 40% off movie tickets, discounted access to shows/sports.

Travel and Accommodation

Discounted corporate rates on flights, car rental, tours and accommodation.

Fitness and Lifestyle

Offers for gyms and experiences from boot camps to massages.

80% of employees consider benefits when joining an organisation, so let’s talk